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Jan 21, 2007



And this time you can vote, correct?

Eric Dondero

You couldn't have picked two more polar opposite candidates in the field. Ron Paul is Pro-Freedom. Burak Hussein Obama is the ultimate Anti-Freedom candidate. The guy is a hardcore Socialist, near outright Communist. He has a perfect 100 vote rating from the Marxist ADA.

With Obama as President we'd all be marched off to the Gulags, or killed in the Killing Fields for opposing his radical Marxist Big Government programs. Ron Paul would probably be among the first to be marched off.

Boy, amazing that you would take the most two ideologically opposed candidates in the Presidential field and mention admiration for both of them.

It's almost like saying, "yeah, I admired Stalin, and Churchill was a great guy too."

Eric Dondero, CEO

Graham Glass

Hi Eric,

I'd be happy with either of them in the sense that they each represent the best that their party has to offer.

I just finished reading Obama's book and he strikes me as a level-headed, thoughtful guy.

I'm opposed to government involvement in most areas, but if government is going to be involved (which seems inevitable given the current climate in the US), I'd rather have Obama or Paul in charge than the other candidates that each party has offered.


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