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Apr 26, 2007


Radovan Janecek

Something like this works in Czech. But the results are not very good. Schools in crowded locations like Prague are overloaded - thus have lots of money. They know they will have lots of new kids every year so the motivation for having 'more customers' is missing. Schools at country side - no matter how good they are - struggle because there are few new kids. One would say that this will only create new opportunities for new schools in Prague - but this is not hapenning.

Graham Glass

Hi Radovan,

Thanks for the comment; I'm always interested in hearing about how other countries operate their education systems!

A couple of questions for you:

- when you say there are just a few kids in the countryside, what kind of numbers are you talking about - 5, 100, 1000?

- in a free marketplace, customers are often switch from one vendor to another that offers better value for money. in prague, is there no incentive for businessesto create new schools or expand existing ones? as an analogy, people buy cars every year, but car manufacturers are always trying to improve so that you buy from them instead of from a competitor.


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