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Apr 05, 2007


Paul Holser

In the same vein, I'd love to see searches for audio files triggered by humming a few bars into a mic. How many times have you heard a song, loved the guitar riff, but never could find out the title of the song or the artist? A nice add-on to iTunes, perhaps.

Morgan Ryan

We're almost there but not yet. Converting monophonic audio to midi has been an elusive grail. Melodyne has taken it quite far: http://www.celemony.com/cms/ Many (most?) vocals you hear have passed through Melodyne or Autotune, which track the vocal and allow pitch correction to the audio or conversion to midi (track the audio, convert to notes, run the note information through a synthesizer). Some trinkets to experiment with are here: http://www.music-notation.info/en/compmus/audio2midi.html
Some claim to work with polyphonic source, but even mono requires cleanup work, and poly--well, that seems to require waiting a while longer.

As always, invention trumps waiting. Youtube "looper vocal" to see some products of microphone x inspiration.


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