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Apr 18, 2007


Christopher St. John

I don't think the logic works, even at a purely mechanical level.

1) Racists think of people in terms of groups.

2) People who fight racism by encouraging diversity acknowledge that people often think in terms of groups.

3) Therefore, people who encourage diversity are promoting racism.

This translates, more or less, into:

1) A has property X
2) B has property X
3) Therefore, A is B

Substitute "Racists breath air" or "Racists are mammals" into the argument to see the fallacy.

The argument also fails at a higher level, since it does not address the underlying arguments in favor of diversity. The theory is that diversity encourages 1-to-1 contact between individuals normally thought of as being from different groups. This 1-to-1 contact is arguably the best way to break down assumptions, and encourage people to _stop_ thinking in terms of groups.

Graham Glass

Hi Chris,

My understanding of Ron's article is that he supports the encouragement of diversity, but doesn't support using the law to enforce diversity.


Stephen Downes

Ron Paul's approach to dealing with racism appears to be directed more to discrediting people working against racism than to addressing the issue in any substantive way.

I think that if we press this candidate's views on issues of substance we will find a platform that is more and more difficult to defend.

Bryan Lewis

To practice ethnic, cultual or racial blindness leads to the tyranny of the majority
Uniquiness as opposed to difference, acceptance not meer tolerance requires recognition.

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