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May 28, 2007


Bill Eisenhauer

This sounds like a fantastic show! We have tickets for the 2nd Dallas show in late June and I've been wondering what the set list would be. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you for the positive review! I've ticket to the Churchill Downs Show in July, and CANNOT wait to hear the Boys live. Been a longtime fan.
I just read Stewart's more negative assesment of their first gigs, but good artists are usually their own harshests critics.


Thanks for the playlist. Can't wait to share my enthusiasm for this band with my 13-year-old on Wednesday night in Seattle.


Hi San Francisco here. Just went to the concert at Oakland (McAfee) Coliseum last night and the play list above is dead on! GO, GO, GO!!! You'll kick yourself if you miss this concert. The band is tight as ever. Oakland got 3 encores out of them, the last song was a remix of an old Police tune, not on the play list above. They had the house coming down at the end, exploding by encore 1, the place was crashing at the 2nd, and it was utter Nuclear by the 3rd encore! I'm 44, and the 1st & only time I saw The Police was in 1983, Day on the Green #3 same coliseum and I was in the same spot. How could I not go? I was 20 rows from stage. I turned around, and even the nose bleed sections were on their feet and dancing, singing and witnessing a rare event. Don't let this one get by you!


Thanks for the info. My tickets were a birthday present to myself. I will be seeing them in Jul. So cannot wait! Even though I have great seats as long as I am breathing the same air as Sting it will be a Very Happy Birthday to me!

Concerned Tucsononian

Went to the show last night in Phoenix and experienced one of the strangest "happenings" ever at any concert.

First off, our seats were in the upper deck and our entire section remained sitting throughout the show. My wife and I felt almost rude when we decided to stand and dance. After a few beers we figured, what the heck, we DID pay $80 each--let's have fun!

So we did. Then a guy in front sparked up a little doob and a lady two rows back started screaming at him that that's BS! Are you kidding me?? So, he puts it out but that's not enough for the joint nazi, oh nooooo.

She then proceeded (during the show) to tell security about this "crazy criminal." I was appalled. This lady was more into tattling on a puffer than enjoying the show. PATHETIC.

All in all, aside from the psycho tattletale, the show rocked! Lighting, sound, and screens were awesome.


I went to the Oakland show and I have to disagree with Anthony of SF about the show. The song list shown was pretty much it, just the order was different. The major aspect of my disappointment was the fact that the Police have not toured in a couple of decade and they dare to do different arrangements of the songs. I wanted to hear the songs at least song remotely close to the versions that made them popular. Only a couple songs were that. The rest were mostly SLOWED down. I was so disappointed. The Police also are not a stadium band, they are an arena band. The stage itself was very nice, but they can not hold the audience like Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones. I may go see them again if they decide to do the tour in arenas on a second leg of the money grab tour. If you are spending your life savings on this show, you will be sorry.

Graham Glass

Hi Dwayne,

I've heard similar feedback from other folks who went to the Oakland performance. I saw the show in Vancouver, and the band's sound fit the space perfectly. Perhaps Oakland stadium is just too big for a good sound?



I am really amped for this show. I bought amazing seats for New Orleans on Saturday night June 30 even though I live near Houston. I just thought Saturday night in New Orleans would be amazing. Now my wife has family coming to town that weekend so i need to sell my New Orleans tickets and get Houston tickets for the 29th. If anyone wants to buy these tickets or trade for Houston tickets, email me at [email protected] they are club level, section 124, row 12 and include a parking pass.


Can I ask a question about stage setup? Good seats sold out so quickly that I had to settle for seats behind the stage for their Atlanta show, and I am so afraid all I will see are their backs. Do the move around the stage a lot? Did anybody notice if the giant screens only face one way? Hopefully they will make some concessions for those of us in the lousy seats. Thanks.

Graham Glass

Hi Dana,

I was sitting on the bottom floor opposite the stage, so my view was pretty good. They do a great job of projecting the band onto large screens, so you should get a good view regardless of where you sit.

Good luck!



Hi Dana,

I was center stage, 20 rows from the stage. The entire back of the stage was black curtains & walls; behind the band. In front of the curtains & walls was the big screens (facing the crowd) with The Police playing in front of the screens. On either side of the stage were 3-story high black grids for the lighting show & effects with a big screen on each side.

I just checked the seating chart for the Atlanta Concert (Phillips Arena - Nov 17th) and it only shows the standard “Concert” stage set-up when you click on the seating chart link for The Police. If they put this same massive structure in the concert stage location (as the Atlanta chart shows now) I don't see how anyone will see them from behind. When you click on the seating chart for Keith Urban or Beyonce (both played there), the stage was set up in the standard “concert” set-up, and there were no seats open behind the stage – Sections 216-222 & 315-320. It appears most other acts played center arena.

I'm wondering if they will reconfigure the stage for The Police because looking at the stage now, you would be blocked by all the rigging based on how it was set up here. In order to accommodate the crowd, they’d have to have big screens facing two directions & a whole 2nd set of vertical lighting grids to show the people behind the stage the lighting show.

Prior to tickets going on sale here, the Oakland seating chart only showed the Rolling Stones seating set-up. The Stones set-up was exactly the way Atlanta’s “concert” stage appears now. I almost bought tickets in section 144, would have been a great diagonal side view, but I decided to wait to see if the stage would change. The night before the tics went on sale, I checked one more time and discovered the stage set-up for The Police and indeed changed and the stage was moved to the side of the coliseum. In Atlanta’s case, that would be like moving the stage from the current chart and putting it in front of the Suites Section.

If I had bought section 144, my view would have been completely blocked; actually no one was in those sections during the show, they were closed off.

However, all this said, I just went thru the preliminary steps to purchase tickets on TicketMaster for the Atlanta show and it found me two tickets in Section 319, row Q (behind the stage). So, they must be going to modify the stage for you folks behind the stage because I just can't see them blocking you folks out.

May you have fun.



Concerned Tucsononian's post got me thinking. I'd love to hear of any other tales of intrigue or unique experiences during the tour.

There was a lot of drinking & smokin goin on during the concert, but the most entertaining event was even before the opening acts played.

My friend & I were sitting in our seats around 6:00 p.m., opening act to start @ 6:30 p.m. There was hardly anyone in the stadium; our section had about 10 of us, all strangers, sitting together, just chatting, passing time.

This young gal & her boyfriend appeared. She was already in PHASE 4 of Inebriation (I have 8 Phases of Inebriation, I'm a Police Officer and see it all).

Phase 4 is that phase where you've had too much, but are in great spirits, yet overly oblivious to what is going around you, yet you just keep on being happy & sharing the love (hey, been there in my college years).

The boyfriend was sober, trying to rein in his girlfriend, really felt for the guy as he had his hands full. She would clap her hands, patti-cake fashion, and yell out "woo, woo" then sit down. I guess the concert was already going in her mind. It would surprise everyone as she'd go from quiet to all out cheering.

Well, I couldn't resist, so I just stood up, clapping, whistling & cheering. Without skipping a beat, she joined in; again mind you we are 10-12 people in a sea of empty white chairs, in a fairly empty stadium with no act playing.

After a few rounds, I turned to the group around me, and asked them to join in and without hesitation they all did. On the count of 3, we'd all stand up and clap & cheer, slowly followed by our gal-pal; clappin & chearing. Her boyfriend eventually cracked a large smile, leaned over to me and said "thank you."

Hey, I figure if you can make one person's grief into a moment of serenity, why not.



Was wondering how many opening acts there were and approximately what time The Police actually take the stage? Thanks.

John Hilger

I just got home from the 1st Dallas show ( Tues June 26th ) and it was awesome !! The playlist above is the playlist they used. I did not know the playlist before the concert, so I was reminded and amazed at how many hit songs they have. Most of the songs sounded great and the crowd sang along but a few them seemed to be a little slow ( off their normal tempo ). Stewart Copeland is an amazing drummer and you'll see it during this concert. Sting still has an amazing voice. And Andy is still able to play great !! Definitely a show to see.


I also was only able to get seats behind the stage, in St Louis.
The sales person called the venue and they said the view was not obstructed.
Still I worry.
Anybody out there, in an arena setting, sit behind the stage?

Manuel livas

Dallas June 26 Overall a good concert, however Sting did drop down an octave or change keys on several songs. Copeland's drumming for a twenty or fifty year old banger is timeless. He has not missed a beat. His touches with the second percussion set on the slower songs were great , just like in the 80"s. Personal favorites were Walking on the moon, Can't stand losing you, The bed is too big without you. Driven to tears solo by Andy left something to be desired. Sting often refers to his solo songs as his children, and he has revamped this tour in that the tunes sound somewhat the same , but with a pleasant twist. Would pay to see again.

Manuel Olivas

Thanks for posting my comments I may have forgot to send my last name... It is Olivas not livas. Thanks again . Manuel


Dallas show was great.

They are mixing up some of the deeper cuts between shows that true fans will enjoy.

The Dallas show included:
Voices inside my head.


Just got back from the 2nd Dallas show... definitely an awesome experience. Our seats were from the side stage. Sound & Lighting were great. Seats from side & rear had single screens, front seats had 3 screens. No matter where you were sitting, it was a show not to miss. If you are planning to go, Enjoy!

Audrey Borges Fortes de Souza

Hi everyone!! I'm sure you all had a great time in the concert. I'm looking forward to see this amazing band here in Brazil, although my country is not on the list yeat!! I know Sting enjoys been here, so I hope he and his crue could come and play a little for us!!


Just got back from the 2nd Dallas show... definitely an awesome experience. Our seats were from the side stage. Sound & Lighting were great. Seats from side & rear had single screens, front seats had 3 screens. No matter where you were sitting, it was a show not to miss. If you are planning to go, Enjoy!

Andrew Levengood

Will someone please post the setlist for the second Dallas show? The Dallas Morning News posted the setlist for the first show. Where there any variations?

Thank you!


Hey...is there an opening act for the Police? I'm going tonight in Houston and am planning out my babysitter's schedule......Just want to know when we can expect to be back!


The opening band is Fictionplane. Joe Sumner, Sting's son, is the lead singer/bass player. Show starts at 7:30 and is over about 11.


OH for weeks I've been "counting the days" for this concert ... months actually! Just like "JL", I bought my ticket for my own birthday gift.
To: Me...Love: Me! HA!
Tampa Bay is stokes for this one!!


Went to the New Orleas show and it was great! Best concert I have been to. Hope they come back around or at least close in 2008.

Wrigley Girl

Does anyone have the playlist for the Police at Wrigely field...which by the way- the show rocked!


I'll be going to the hartford show in a couple of weeks - I saw the stones there last year (phenomenal). my husband and I are really excited... we have floor seating even though we are further back. I know that fiction plane is the opening act/special guest, but I saw that at the NJ show the weekend following, the fratellis are playing as well - did any other concerts have an additional opening act? looking forward to the show!! I'm only 26... obviously didn't get to see them in 1983... :) I appreciate great music though - it's a once in a lifetime show!


I am a 32 year old Sting fanatic! I have enjoyed the Police, and Sting, almost my whole life, so, when this concert came up, I was all geared up about it. However, tickets sold out so fast in Detroit that I didn't get them. I had resigned myself to not going, until about a week before the show, when I really started getting amped up about not being able to go.

Well, I paid 1000 bucks to see this concert. I think I came pretty close to having a heart attack over spending that much, but, the seats were phenomenal! 1st row in "Club Level", in the first section next to the stage. For concert events, The Palace extends Club Level down, so, basically, we were a foot off the main floor, and 9 rows from stage.

I can't believe I can justify the expense, but, after seeing this show, I am completely fine with how much money it was!!!!! The show was freakin awesome! Sting has never sounded, or looked, better in his life, and the band didn't miss a beat. They played all the "goodies", and the fans themselves were so in to it, that it made it all the more enjoyable. I didn't sit down the entire time, and neither did most of the arena.

They changed some things up - octaves were, indeed, lower, as someone had previously mentioned. However, I liked most of the changes.

Sting was quite a ham, at times, and he played to the back of the stage, as well, which I thought was cool. Those people paid good money, too, and they did not have an obstructed view there. My only complaint would probably be that I got blinded a few times during the show by the lighting, and, that we had a security guard standing next to us, who had to deal with all the drunk idiots who were trying to scam their way closer to the stage. Other than that, I was totally enamoured with the whole thing. I couldn't believe our seats!!!

Also, it needs to be noted - Fiction Plane, who was the opening act, is also very good. The lead singer is Sting's son, and, at times, the likeness of his voice to his father's is UNCANNY. My mother and I both kept saying how much he sounded like Sting, not realizing, at the time, that they were father and son. I liked the music - a little more headbanger than "Dad", but, I thought it was very good!




Just got tickets to the impromtu Charlottseville show in VA at the John Paul Jones Arena. I'm on the side, nose bleeds. Oh well. Show is Nov. 6th.


just went to see the police last weekend in Dublin, Ireland. I was totally disappointed. They slowed down most of their songs or else went off on a complete tangent with them leaving the crowd twiddling their thumbs and wondering when is this gonna end. Sting did not interact with the crowd at all. Have been to a lot of concerts but never witnessed such a lack lustre performance. I'm really disgusted after paying so much for tickets and i was really looking forward to the show.


Saw the C'ville John Paul Jones Arena show as an anniversary present last week. It was phenomenal. I didn't have the opportunity to see them when I was younger, my husband had seen them twice. When the 07 tour was announced I told him that I wanted to see them and he needed to make it happen. Promptly forgot about that whole conversation when no dates were anywhere close. He surprised me with the tix. They sang all the hits that I hoped they would play. I am looking for a playlist for that show, if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Thanks a lot
I've been looking for some comments of this tour. 2morrow is the 1st show in Argentina.
I guess I'll enjoy an excellente night
See U!

Morgana :[

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