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May 30, 2007



You make a good point, but it's far from the only place the "National DNA" has been mutated. From the interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment (intended to protect freed slaves) to grant Corporations protection as individual citizens, to the expansion of the Executive into a government unto itself (and recent permutation into the role of Emporer) we have seen numerous affronts that would surely shock and disgust the Founding Fathers.

On the other hand, there is abundant evidence that those men foresaw the potential (some would say inevitable) denigration of any Democracy into Dictatorship; as Gore points out, however, provisions against such a coup rely on the will and attentiveness of the people. Apathy, not terrorism, is likely the greatest threat to America today.

Graham Glass

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comment!

Perhaps a future president will pass some amendments that clarify the constitution and return them to their original meaning, in effect repairing the national DNA?

I'm not holding my breath....




No one is talking about taking on the entitlement payments that currently make up 60% of spending federally. No one will.

Because if you do, you won't be elected.

Graham Glass

Hi Lawdawg,

You're absolutely right, that issue is a hot potato. It also goes to show that broadening the role of the federal government tends to be a one-way street, since they can rack up bills very fast.


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