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Jun 18, 2007


Steli Efti

Well, I´m planning to go. I just bought tickets today and now I´m reading that you´ll go too - that´s supercool dude ;)

Graham Glass

That's supercool Steli - the more the merrier!


Josh Lane

I am so happy to hear you'll be making Burning Man this year!

It has long been a dream of mine to attend this incredible festival of self-expression.

Can't wait to hear your stories and see your pictures.


Hay, I have never read your blog but happened to stumble upon it while searching for Burning Man related stuff.

This will be my 8th year attending the event.

I recommend checking out the first timer guide at the burning man site.

There are all kinds of Burning Man groups and resources to hook up with other burners from your area and things like that. A little home work will make for a much better experience.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions you my have.

Graham Glass

Hi Hawk,

Thanks for the link; I''ll check it out right now!


Dirty Hippie

I found your blog by accident, but attended both Burning Man 06 and Yuri's Night at Ames, which I believe is what you're referring to. Yuri's Night was awesome! I honestly feel the event was a success because of the people that organized it, and many of them are burners--this was not a coincidence. I used to work at Ames and know the YN organizers and was very impressed that they not only pulled off the event, but made it such a success in the eyes of the participants and NASA management. If you enjoyed Yuri's Night at Ames, then you're gonna love Burning Man!


Everybody should go at least once in their lifetime!

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