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Jun 26, 2007


blair glass & mum

made it in the end. like the video, so when are you going to make some cash?


Thought of you and Destiny when I read this article on Ridley Scott.

Money quote from Scott, "I am continuously looking for that so if anyone has got a science fiction script in their briefcase, give it to me.".

Graham Glass

Hi Shane,

I saw the same article! I just got his UK mailing address and will attempt to contact him re: Destiny. Keep your fingers crossed!


Francisco Gutierrez

Great story Graham!
I hope you find the means to turn it into a movie or a book. I would love to watch it or read it!
How did you like the singularity summit? I had read Kurzweil's books but I had never had a chance to go to a conference until now, I loved it!

The Computers in Your Neighborhood

The Destiny's plot is not science fiction anymore.

An investment was made but the idea of a collaborative thinking space lost the battle in our schools.



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  • Destiny is my science fiction movie about the future of humanity. It's an epic, similar in breadth and scope to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    To see the 18 minute video, click on the graphic below.