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Jul 29, 2007


Francois Caron

Hi Graham,

Please note that "la machine" is singular so you should remove the s. Or you may want to say "vive les machines" which is plural.

I always enyoy reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Graham Glass

Thanks Francois, I will fix my mistake right away. I never was much good at foreign languages ;-)


Hi, I see that you are interested about Algorithms? I find one amazing book about it "Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms". This is the link where you can find it and download for free: http://sciyo.com/books/show/title/advances_in_evolutionary_algorithms Aim of the book is to present recent improvements, innovative ideas and concepts in a part of a huge EA field.


sorry,wrong link,this is the correct one: http://www.intechopen.com/books/show/title/advances_in_evolutionary_algorithms


Algorythms are limited... You shall look upon the future of Fuzzy logics instead!

But I prefer to refer to it, as Truer than False, computing! Its cheaper, much more efficient and extremely powerful technology, that can go beyond Quantum computers...

Sadly, most of the hot stuff about that new technology is classified...


BTW, Human brain can be surpass in many things related to calculations, but in some darker areas of Brain sciences, machines couldn't match a Human brain, whatsoever! Could enhance it, but couldn't surpass it!

Humans can't beat nature at her own game! Only arrogance and ignorance, can make us believe the contrary!

Graham Glass

Do you think that a human brain has some kind of supernatural power than cannot ever be present in, say, a digital device? If so, what is this power and what evidence do you have for its existence?


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