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Jul 19, 2007


Student of Objectivism

You hold a false premise that Ayn Rand's heroes are or became heroes automatically and without effort.

It is part of Ayn Rand's philosophy that one can only become a hero through effort and years of hard work.

But her heroes are supposed to be a reference point to show that success is possible.

Graham Glass

Hi Student,

I don't hold that premise, nor do I see anything in my comment that suggests that.


Jay Cross

As an Objectivist I agree with Graham. Nothing about his entry implies what "student of Objectivism" says.

Web Design Kent

After reading both The Fountainhead and Anthem, Atlas Shrugged was by far the best book Rand has written and by far one of the best novels I have ever read. Her philosophy of what man should be, and should aspire to achieve in his (or her) life as portrayed through the character John Galt is absolutely profound. An exciting story, told with splendid detail beautiful prose, this book is an absolute must read for people of all ages. By far one of the best books I have ever read.

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