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Jul 10, 2007


Christopher St. John

This is a letter to the editor published in the Dallas Morning News this past Monday. It's titled "Is he another appeaser?" It demonstrates, graphically, what the nation is up against in formulating a rational response to terrorism. It also demonstrates why, as much as I like living near family, I'm considering moving to Portland. Or at least Austin.


New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in marked contrast to predecessor Tony Blair, advises Britons they should no longer talk of a war on terror.

Does Mr. Brown not realize there are terrorists in the U.K. who want to kill anyone, anytime?

I am surprised by the Associated Press report that many Britons welcome the change, saying the lower-key approach may better reassure a rattled nation and prevent racial tensions from exploding.

Rattled? Crazed might be a better word to describe the idiocy of such philosophy.

Graham Glass

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the clipping!


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