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Aug 14, 2007



Graham, thank you very much for detailed description of edu 2.0 internationalization.
I have a few questions…
Do you plan to provide similar translation framework not only for edu 2.0 application but for actual educational content?
As I understand server selects language according to session variable but not to url. How do you perform caching in this case? You can’t use caching on http server level because it doesn’t know anything about session variable.

Stephen Downes

> As anyone who's gone through internationalization knows, it's time-consuming and tricky.

I hear you. I still can't get international characters to print out properly on my site (very frustrating).

Anyhow, the point of my writing is this: in your first diagram
You list 'Afrikaans' but then associate it with the flag of Afghanistan! You probably want to use the South African flag for Afrikaans.

Stephen Downes

Also, for Sweden, you have inserted the flag for El Salvador.

Graham Glass

Hi Stephen,

Oops! Thank you so much for pointing out my gaffs; they are now corrected.

Best regards,

Graham Glass

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your question! Yes, we intend to allow for community translation of education resources. Resources are stored in our database, and would be most likely fetched using a combination of URL and the user's session information.

The next step for us after having the site basics translated is to support user translation of the topic name and description. (See what I mean by clicking on the Resources tab at http://www.edu20.org).


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