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Aug 05, 2007



Graham ... You have touched on a nerve that a lot of us can relate to. I think that perhaps by simply acknowledging it and putting it into words, you have already made strides in talking about things and not letting them fester. In the past when thinking about this very issue, I've wondered that perhaps the reason things turnout to be not as big a deal as we've made them is exactly because of that, i.e. we over think, over analyze, and expect the worse to the point that when we finally deal with it, we are so well prepared for the unimaginable that the "normal" reaction is a relief.

It's one thing when we set the bar high for our goals and achievements, but to over-punish ourselves when things go wrong is detrimental. Sometimes, I try to think of a person I admire for their ability to handle situations like this and use the ol' technique of "What would ___ do?"

Graham Glass

Hi Kooros,

Thanks for your comment!

Based on my experience, it does seem that people with analytical minds tend to over-think some things with similar kinds of results.

Recently, it's true that I've been pretty hard on myself. I hope that this phase passes soon, because as you mention, it's dentrimental for the long term.



To answer your question:
When you notice you are avoiding, write what you don't want to say or how you'd rather not react in a private journal. Once you have it on paper, you'll see it isn't so bad and you'll have a clearer way of discussing "issues" with others.
Hope it helps.

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