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Nov 27, 2007


Stafford Vaughan

Graham you got me started on Kiva.org (through Mike Cannon-Brookes) almost a year ago, and I have since made 12 loans (http://www.kiva.org/lender/staffordvaughan) and just recently received my first fully repayed loan. I can't wait to re-invest in another Kiva business.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Graham Glass

Hi Stafford,

It's great that you joined Kiva and have already helped a bunch of entrepreneurs! It's a lot of fun, isn't it!



I too learned of Kiva.org on this very blog! This reminds me to check on the Bulgarian Worm Farm I loaned money to... Hey, it's repaying on schedule. What a great system.



This kiva application allows users to make loans to businesses in developing countries for free. Add the application and select the business(es) you want to support by adding the business(es) profile(s) to your Facebook page (you generate a donation of 0,50 dollars each time you add a business profile). You don't pay anything, it's free for you.

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