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Nov 29, 2007


Dan Gebhardt

I think there are definitely differences between state governments even now, although the differences may not be as extreme as you'd like. If you're looking to try living in a place that is more libertarian, may I suggest New Hampshire? I've lived here for 10 years, having lived in both New York and California, and enjoy the low taxes and modest level of government (not to mention, it's a beautiful state). The Free State Project decided the same thing a few years back and are trying to make NH even more libertarian. By the way, I just visited http://www.freestateproject.org and noticed that NH has the highest per capita donorship to Ron Paul.

Graham Glass

Hi Dan,

I definitely appreciate that there are differences between the states. Indeed, I have lived in Texas, Washington DC and now California. However, I do wish that states had more freedom to pursue their own dreams. Right now, just the burden of federal regulations and income tax puts a huge damper on this.



How would you reckon defense funding (to pay for rather large bills) will be provided in such a state-centric setup?

Political setup is just one factor - I lived in California and loved the outdoors. I would have hated to leave the place because government decided to pursue, say, communism.

Graham Glass

Hi Reddy,

I still believe in the role of the federal government as defined by the US constitution, so the federal government would be able to raise taxes from the states to pay for a strong defense.


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