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Apr 17, 2008




Congratulation. A well deserved recognition.

John Oakley

I congratulate you too. My only concern is the comments I'm getting from my friends in the "education business"... can this altrusitic model survive? They are reluctant to rely on it until there understand your strategy. There's no such thing as a free lunch - but you are providing one. No subscription, no advertising... mmmmm

Graham Glass

Hi John,

I was lucky enough to sell my last company and I wanted to give something back by helping the education system.

I used the latest development tools and techniques for efficiency; for example, the Edu2.0 codebase is about 50x smaller than that of Moodle. Now that it's mostly built (we still add new features almost every day), the only cost is that of the hosting servers, which are inexpensive.

I'm going to launch a new company soon that allows corporations to use the same features as edu2.0 but for online training. This will not be a free product.

My plan thus allows me to run edu2.0 indefinitely for free while at the same time making money from the investment in the codebase.

Hope this makes sense! I'm happy to answer any more concerns.


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