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May 10, 2008


Javed Alam


That is precisely I am trying to convey in this blog


by looking at brain from different perspectives.

I think that we need to understand how brain really works to develop effective learning tools based upon digital technology. The 20 th century theories of learning based upon Psychology do not work that well for developing online learning modules.


Graham Glass

Hi Alum,

Thanks for the link, I will definitely check out your blog!


Fantasy Writer Guy

Great. Another book on the mind to go seeking. Been snatching them up since you put me on to 'Society of Mind'. Very useful ideas. 'Action' by Rowland Stout is next on my roster.

Linda Margaret

I am very anxious to read this book. I have to order it from Amazon. I am really interested in this trend of policy meets psychology meets economics, culture, science, and self-improvement. I want to be a policy-maker in the future, and I love how books like this suggest how we can use context to command our behavior, provided we first work to understand the influence of our current context. I really recommend the book Nudge as well.

Matthew Cornell

Hi Graham. Thanks for the review. I found useful the descriptions of our limitations, but I was hoping for more around implications for behavior change. The author covered some of that... I'd love to see a "Kluge Applied" follow-up.

Web Design Kent

I really enjoyed this book. The author has taken on a HUGE topic and done a very good job of explaining it. In a nutshell this book explain some of the imperfection in our brain. From logical fallacies, to weird language rules and way you forget where you put your keys an hour ago, but remember a book you read in 5th grade. This book attempts to explain not only the imperfections of your cognotive system, but also why they are there, and why we still are able to function with them.

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