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Aug 27, 2008


Steve Chazin


Thanks for the post. We ARE an open source company. But we also have a free hosted version that gets used by thousands of people every day. Since we're still in beta we can collect feedback and make improvements as we go. Simply put, we're making daily improvements to the hosted code and that way we can release the 4.0 source code and the VMWare appliance with all these fixes. If we tried to do this coincident with the hosted version we'd have a poorer open source product. It typically takes us 6 weeks to iron our the bugs and release the source code. We recently decided to jump directly to 4.0 and we plan to release that source code in the next 3 weeks. Stay tuned!

Andrew Donnelly

Hi Graham,

Perhaps you would also be interested in checking out Mikogo, a freeware tool for screen sharing and online meetings http://www.mikogo.com
You can start free online meetings and share any screen content in real time and true color quality. All the Mikogo features are available for free including switch presenter, remote keyboard and mouse control, file transfer, application selection, Skype Extra, and more.
With the “application selection” feature you can choose which applications and open windows you wish to transmit to your participants and which ones you wish to keep hidden. Great when you want to only share one document or application.
There are no costs involved - Mikogo is simply a free tool.
Great for meetings, presentations, and group Web collaboration.
Swing by our website when you have a moment, and feel free to send me an email if you would like to know more about our app.


The Mikogo Team

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