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Sep 10, 2008


James Tauber

I've never understood arguments like 4. If we can create artificial life then aren't we its creator? Therefore it doesn't nothing to counter either intelligent design or creationism, but is rather a demonstrable example of them.

Note, I'm not saying it would prove or even support intelligent design or creationism in the case of our minds, but it surely does not disprove it.

Again, see Greg Egan. Even though he is a staunch atheist, Permutation City has a wonderful scene where the creators of artificial life are rejected by their creation because the artificial life has come up with a natural explanation for their existence.

Graham Glass

Hi James,

My point wasn't really about intelligent design. It was about the concept of a supernatural soul, which is at the heart of most religions.

Yes, we would be its creator. And since we made it, we'd know that it didn't have a supernatural soul. And if it doesn't have one, then why should we need to have one?


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