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Sep 08, 2008



Hi Graham,

True Blood premiered on HBO last night, and the TVOP review provides some grist for the mill, for example:

"I keep thinking about my grandmother -- or yours -- and how one day, maybe she was sitting on the porch or behind the wheel, and she saw a man and a woman together, with skin colors that didn't match. And their baby between them, toddling along, and maybe in this hypothetical Poitier moment she didn't have the software to process it: Babies are awesome and cute, but hate is this whole other thing, which may or may not even apply, but they don't really belong together, but too late for that now, but what's the kid going to grow up having tooooooo10010101010011. Not "good"/"bad", not "hate"/"tolerance", but something much more human: I don't have the (*ing) software for this downloaded into my head yet. Please be kind to me for as long as it takes."


James Tauber

1. I thoroughly recommend reading Greg Egan's Permutation City

2. once you have, I'd love to talk to you about implementing some of its ideas

Graham Glass

Hi James,

Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered the book! I'll let you know what I think of it ;-)


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