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Oct 13, 2008


Stephen Downes

That's a promising curve. Yours is a good example of how much work it takes _after_ the application has been developed.

Graham Glass

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your comment!

You're absolutely right, it usually takes a lot of time and commitment to see an idea to the point that it actually takes off!

In addition, we've been adding new features every week, so the application itself is never really "developed" - more like "evolving" ;-)


Peter Yared

That's definitely exponential! Congrats!!!

Abby Kelton

That's great, congratulations! We have started using edu2.0 in our district, and my favorite part is how responsive you have been to end-user suggestions and questions. Since this exponential growth will likely continue how are you planning to keep up this responsiveness as the program grows, especially since the program is free?

Graham Glass

Hi Abby,

Thanks for your comment! It's actually getting easier to respond as time goes on, because most of the basic site infrastructure is now complete. This allows us to spend more time on innovations and everyday feature requests.


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