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Oct 16, 2008


Fantasy Writer Guy

I'm starting to realize how tragic it is - the gap between our societal evolution and our human evolution. Society is way too far ahead. So many of us still have little minds for little tribes.

Throw them into such a giant structure as a nation and the duplicitous factors multiply 'til there's nothing but illusion.

I'm starting to recognize the value in education even if I hate the curriculum. It's excercise for the mind. And still so many go to waste. Sad.

Dave Jones

It's amazing how the media manage to find people like this. They must have a crazy-people locators bureau or something like that. It seems like, no matter what the issue, the media have a way of finding crazy people, who portray the pre-conceived ideas about Americans that they want to portray.

I've lived in America for more than forty two years, and I would have a hard time finding those people if I tried. I don't doubt that they exist -- I've even met a few over the years. But there couldn't be very many of them -- most of my friends are "conservative", especially on moral issues, so, if there were very many nuts like that, I would run into them often. As it is, I usually go several years between meeting people like that.

I find it interesting that the media try to portray this election as "divisive". Of course, elections are that way. However, I remember all the campaigns back to 1972 pretty well, and this is one of the least divisive. 1976 would have been less divisive if it weren't for fallout from watergate. And 1984 was less divisive, but only because Mondale was a complete non-starter. 1972, 1980, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004 were all much more divisive than the current election.


Notice how these are exactly the type of reports that US media often does in foreign countries. People who're burning effigies, flags etc etc...

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