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Jun 07, 2009


Fantasy Writer Guy

Intriguing concepts! As a poet, and a very sincere one, who has fought a long internal battle and suffered much horror in the process and achieved much joy, I use the words consciousness and subconsciousness as labels for these two sides of me that seem to be locked in an eternal cold-war.

They are the brain I know and the devilish one that lurks above; The one that drafts excuses for the decisions I only appear to make and the one that has already made those decisions without my informed consent.

They are David and Goliath. They are the witness and the controller; the stow-away and the real captain of this ship that is me; the puppet and the master.

They are the keeper of joy and wonder and pity versus that beastly force that knows only instinct, domination, the deadly sins and the great power of duplicity.

My reality would seem too horrifying for most people to dare contemplate in its fullness but to do so seems to me the hallmark of the greatest frontier in evolution.

I wish I was a scientist or a better poet or one with the knack for bringing people together. I fear that the union of scientists and poets is the only hope in realizing this grand evolution of consciousness defeating instinct. However small such hope is, there is nothing else, by my accounting, worthy of being called a purpose in life.

Graham Glass

Thanks FWG, that was a great post! It's inspired me to plan a follow-up post on the subconsciousness; it will be interesting to hear what you think about that one as well!

Best regards,

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