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Jun 25, 2009



"The state of each particle, neutron, atom, molecule, rock, planet and star is the result of an extremely long and complex chain of events."

This is a false statement, so there's no point in continuing on with any argument built on top of that.

Graham Glass

Hi Joe,

Could you explain why this statement is false?


Graham Glass

Hi Joe,

Just in case, I changed "is" to "could be", since my conclusions regarding Free Will do not depend on whether the Universe is deterministic.

I hope this helps.


Tim Farage


The overwhelming evidence is that quantum mechanics is valid, and so determinism is unlikely. However, your argument that even if determinism is true, there is no practical way to follow a deterministic chain is also true.


Graham Glass

Hi Tim,

As I mentioned in part 2 of this series, Quantum Mechanics does not imply non-determinism.


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