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Jun 02, 2009


Francois Caron

Let me challenge some thoughts, I may be on the wrong track but would like to hear from you on this:

I'm thinking that corporation may be considered as communication platform to support human brains and extend human potential by enabling an exponential network of brain neurons equivalent.

I don't think that corporation is a living entity but more of an extension of a living entity as it can't decide on its own destiny.
ex: Can a decision be made by Nasa without human intervention?

Graham Glass

Hi Francois,

Using your logic, you could say that a human isn't really a being, it's really a communication platform to support neurons. Similarly, a human is not really alive since it can't decide its own destiny but instead requires neuron intervention.

My stance is that NASA is a higher-level of life that is built out of lower-level components including humans and machines. Similarly, a human brain is a higher-level of life that is built out of lower-level components including neurons and glial cells.


Francois Caron

Hi Graham,

I think I'd agree with your counter example if a neuron could take a decision by itself.

Maybe I was trying to say that one of the attribute of a mind is to be able to take decisions.

I really enjoy watching Making Minds!

Thank you Graham!


Graham Glass

Hi Francois,

I think that neurons *do* make decisions. However, the kind of decision a neuron makes is going to be very different from the kind of decision that a whole brain makes. That in turn is different from the kind of decision that a corporation makes.



I usually look at any organization; corporation, political party or otherwise as a fractal. The whole of the organization has "self-similarity" of the individual pieces. Meaning that the organization will exhibit as you said all the properties of the individual pieces.

This also allows pieces to break off and reform as separate entities. Many companies are spawned from one or more employees getting together and forming a new entity.

Look forward to the talk on emotions and feelings.

Graham Glass

Hi Bob,

I definitely agree that a Mind is a fractal-like concept, but I probably wouldn't take it quite as far as you suggest. For example, NASA employs janitors and so the Janitor's mind is part of the NASA mind, but I don't see much "janitorness" to NASA! So some minds are going to have more of an influence on the super-mind than others.


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