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Feb 06, 2010


José A. Mari Mutt

When will the new design be online? Will you change only the design or will the functionality also change? By this I mean will there be changes to the tools? How assignments are found, etc.?



This new L&F looks great, especially for the business version (I actually don't mind the current layout for K12).

Any idea when this will be going live?

Are you planning on offering the current layout as an option as well? Some may have resources (screenshots, instructions etc) based on the current layout and may wish to not change mid term/semester/year.


Graham Glass

Hi MB,

The new design will go live before the end of February. It's not practical to maintain the old design as well, so it will just switch over. However, your existing color scheme and banner will be retained, so it won't look that much different and the way you navigate is essentially unchanged. I don't think anyone would have difficulty in mapping screenshots of the current site to the equivalent look of the new site.


Account Deleted

Hi Graham,

Looking forward to the new design.
One, because the real estate in the columns would be useful, but most of all it's customizable! Love that!
~ Coni



This is unrelated to this article about the redesign, I just wanted to say that your Facebook quote "I wish haircuts had an 'undo' option" is hilarious!

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