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Jul 21, 2010



This new feature makes great sense for this kind of application. EDU 2.0 keeps looking better and better!

Ed Jones

Will be interesting to see how this plays out. What will be the learning benefit, and the costs to learning?

I'm thinking of the MIT study featured in PBS' Digital show:

Well, nuts...Can't find the video of the psych experiment. They tested students on simple tasks, and the multi-taskers did worse.

I know that my programming suffers greatly if I allow myself to freely follow the web. (At the moment I feel I have to).

Graham Glass

Hi Ed,

I think perhaps you're misunderstanding the features we've added.

It's primarily to provide school- and class-centered feeds of comments, news, assignments, lessons, announcements, etc. Each class gets its own feed and teachers can restrict the use of the feed if they like. Generally speaking, it will make it much easier for teachers and students within a class to communicate and share class-focused information.

So it's not intended to be used by students for informal chatting like Facebook, even though it uses the same metaphor and underlying mechanisms.

Hope this makes sense!


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