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Oct 26, 2010



Perhaps surprisingly ruby has no means to get parameter names.

Merb (presumably to achieve what you describe here) has 'action-args'. The implementation is quite exciting, one for each of jruby, mri and 1.9.



I don't believe that Ruby itself provides the necessary function to do this: if you get access to a method, you can determine its "arity" but not the names of arguments.

The closest you could come is something like this:

action :mymethods, [:a, :b] do

For bonus points, the action method could define the necessary route.

Graham Glass

According to this, there are a few ways to get method names via reflection:


Perhaps this is something new in Ruby 1.9?

Robert W. Oliver II

This might show Rails's heritage from a fed-up PHP developer. Having to set the variables from the param[] array might help prevent against security attacks and trying to chase down order-of-insertion bugs.

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