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Jan 21, 2011


Sonny Lacey

Very cool, Graham! I, for one, like both, but tend to like the gray scheme better. For one, the gray heading backgrounds de-emphasize the amount of horizontal lines that pop out (the sectional headings). There are about five horizontal headings, and the highly saturated blues simply draw my eyes more along these lines and snap me out of the content (if that makes sense). Why do you feel you need to move away from the original color(ful) version?

Graham Glass

Hi Sonny,

Thanks for the feedback. We're thinking of using the monochrome version for the business site, and the blueish version for the school site. The reason for moving away from the colorful version is that we're trying to appeal to higher education as well as the high school marketing, and the colorful version might not appear "professional" enough.


Martin Kramer

Hi Graham,
I really do like the blue version aiming for higher education - and I still like the colorful version for the K12 market! I'm not too sure about the business color scheme, though - it looks a bit too dark for me.
For your .org branch, I'd be happy with both the colorful or the blue color scheme.
All the best,
Martin (AUT)


Hi Graham! I'm partial to the blue one for School/K12 and Higher Education. Softer blue/greys tend to be easier on the eyem however I don't like the turquoise text. If you can make the text black, then I think its a winner.

I think a lighter grayscale, or deep blue, instead of those harsh black bars for the Business site might look more professional.

Just my 2c! NZ is Wondeful and I had an interview last week. Luv malia

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