> Thailand, Nov 2005

FantaSea Entrance
Nice lagoon at entrance
Elephant Palace
Elephant Palace
Entrance to the dining area
Elephants are fun to ride
The ride was very smooth
Elephants are covered in coarse hair
Auditioning for The King and I
The islands were surrounded mist
The islands are very green
About to enter the island via the secret cave entrance
Canoes inside the hollow island
Beautiful view from a mangrove pool
Another beautiful view from the bottom of the mangrove pool
I enjoy canoeing
You have to recline to slide under the cave ceiling
At times, there was only a couple of inches of clearance
View from my canoe, about to enter a lagoon
This island was in the James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun"
Incredible sloping walls and my guide, Alan
James Bond Island
Mysterious islands in the mist
Tame Bird
I love animals
My private villa
The view from my bedroom
My bedroom
Where I hacked into the morning
Another view of my villa
The main hotel is quite modern
Another view of the main hotel
I spent many happy hours by the pool
A view of Phuket beach
Thailand has its own Elvis
A typical Phuket bar
Typical Thai Bar advertising
Germany is quite liberal with its advertising!